Art Work

Route: Naomi Ahn

Route: Naomi Ahn

The purpose of this art work, “Route: Naomi Ahn,” was creating a work that represents how my activities, ideas, communities and beliefs relate to one another in the form of a map. While trying to emphasize on “who I am” and “the form of map,” I ended my project with the work (above).

I re-create an unique map with maps of regions or countries that I have been to or I have lived. Then, I created a route (drawn in yellow line, starting from the image of the car) and added some pictures, quotes, and words from magazines that relates to either the place on the map or the ideas that represents myself.

I chose this method, the collage, in order to show my foremost values, my lived experiences, and my dreams. Starting from the place I was born, Seoul in South Korea, route of my life ends with “DREAM(on the right-bottom corner),” and the place I want to live in the future. Briefly introducing myself, I had lived in Korea for 14 years while travelling many different countries and I moved to San Francisco Bay Area in the U.S. after graduating middle school in Korea. “Route: Naomi Ahn” indicates my diverse international experiences as well as my general life by the maps of areas I have been in the past and the present: Seoul(South Korea),Tokyo(Japan), Bali(Indonesia), Golden Coast (Australia), Auckland(New Zealand), British Columbia(Canada), Hawaii, Saipan, Guam(Pacific Islands), Macau(China), Thailand, San Francisco Bay Area(USA), Southern California(USA), and New York(USA).

Not only the maps, but also the phrases, quotes, pictures from the magazines represent myself; for example, you can see the words, “Asia,” “Home Away,” “Travel,” “Everything you can imagine is real,” “Culture,” “Immigration,” “Doctor,” “Anatomy.”




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