Reflection on Athenian Wish Tree


As an independent focus project in our Art Revolution class, Simone, Natasha, and I decided to create a Wish Tree and transparent balls with pictures of Athenian community (4/15/2013 ~ 4/25/2013). Our very first idea for the project was an art work associated with bubbles. Though we did not have a specific plan for bubbles, the symbol of bubbles was so important and profound that bubbles became a part of our actual project at the end. Each member of Athenian community, from middle and upper school student to faculty member, has a distinct background (nationality, ethnicity, area, etc.) as well as his or her personality. In other word, Athenians live in their own “bubbles.” Living in our own bubbles not only diversifies entire community, but also enriches the quality of education we get. However, there is a time when people feel invisible barriers among them because of their difference. To show an existence of those bubbles in our community, we printed out pictures of community we took, cut it in circle shapes via circle cutter, and placed them inside 35 transparent balls. Then, we put those transparent bubbles with photos on eight trees (4~5 bubbles per each tree) that surround a quad area, the center of Athenian campus.


The other part of a final project was a Wish Tree (the central tree in the quad area). Inspired by an original piece by Yoko Ono, we wanted individuals’ wishes flourishing in the community; in that way, we could promote a sense of hope that leads to spiritual fulfillment of a wish. We prepared index cards which were used as leaves and strings. During morning meeting we announced our project to promote huge participation from the community and taped down papers about a wish tree all around the campus. Then, we put a box containing sharpies, index cards, and strings in front of the tree.

The project went much better than what I expected to be. A great amount of people joined us to put their wishes on the tree. We even had wish from middle school students during their lunch time. As we looked around the tree, we found many wish about “not failing” test, world peace, happiness, friendship, and love. Furthermore, we got positive comments on transparent balls hanging around the area. Through this project, I felt creating a community project required huge amount of works, including planning, creating, promoting, and getting feedbacks from participants.

By naomiahn

Athenian Wish Tree

By naomiahn