Tai Chi Art Action

Last Thursday, Jan. 17, our art revolution class and I went to Walnut Creek for another art action field trip. We did Tai Chi, a type of Chinese Martial Arts, at fountain (in front of Cheesecake factory). Since last Tuesday, we had planned and prepared for this art action. Before thinking what we would do for art action, we chose Walnut Creek for location since it is close to school and more comfortable to perform art action than Blackhawk, the other choice. I do not remeber when and how Taichi brought up to our discussion for new art action. Performing  Tai Chi  for community art was definitely interesting as well as unclear to me; I did not understand how Tai Chi could be an art action that involves “community.” However, I tried my best to learn Tai Chi in two days through Youtube videos. Even though I had practiced Tai Chi and literally started at Youtube videos about Tai Chi for a long time, still I could not perform any part of Tai Chi without looking at those videos. Then, the day for art action came and we arrived at Walnut Creek.

Before perfoming as a whole, few classmates did first and later others including myself joined the group. We circled around the fountain and followed the movements of one person and then the other person next to her/him and so on… Surprising thing was that I actually felt comfortable and confident doing this art action! Disappointment still existed in this project because I was not well-prepared to lead a movement and make others follow my actions. Interestingly, I felt this art acion was something that I was fully committed to perform since I was enjoying doing Tai Chi with entire class. Of course, I felt as if the preparation for this art action was adequate enough, though in reality, we just prepared only in two to three days.

For next art actions, I would like to do it as a whole class again. In fact, I feel doing art action with more people feel effective, confident, and convenient. Next time I want to be more prepared and have longer time to plan.

By naomiahn

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