Stencil of Amelia Earhart

Stencil Tshirt 1

Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others do or will not do.

Obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when first I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn’t any good reason to refer to it.

This stencil, an image of Amelia Earhart and the word “COURAGE,” is meant to produce in order to encourage bravery and courage actions to this society where people tend to stay in the stable boundary rather than taking risks for future. The stencil is embedded in two t-shirts (one above in white t-shirt and the other below in pink t-shirt).

First stencil on white t-shirt turned out well but unfortunately, the second stencil failed because the t-shirt was not thick enough to prevent paints(especially blue) spreading throughtout the stencil.


By naomiahn

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