Stencil of Amelia Earhart

Stencil Tshirt 1

Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others do or will not do.

Obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when first I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn’t any good reason to refer to it.

This stencil, an image of Amelia Earhart and the word “COURAGE,” is meant to produce in order to encourage bravery and courage actions to this society where people tend to stay in the stable boundary rather than taking risks for future. The stencil is embedded in two t-shirts (one above in white t-shirt and the other below in pink t-shirt).

First stencil on white t-shirt turned out well but unfortunately, the second stencil failed because the t-shirt was not thick enough to prevent paints(especially blue) spreading throughtout the stencil.


By naomiahn

Community Project Proposal-3

#4 Social and Community Intentions

Through my artwork, I want to express an idealstic world where people have mutual-respect towards friends, families, others, and other CULTURES. Additionally, I want to show the power of small mustard seeds; though those seeds are really small that it is hard to recognize them, they will later beocme large trees. As Ki-Tae Park, a founder of VANK, with his five seeds or five big hopes became an important person not only in our community, but also in Korea, our small inspirations, hopes, and desires can also become bigger tree with a large positive impact on society and numerous accomplishments. What does VANK want to create? We want to create the world full of peace, global friendships, dreams, etc.


VANK 2 3 5

By naomiahn

Community Project Proposal-2

#3 What will I creat as an art project? An Overview of the Project

“The mustard seed is small, but brings forth a large tree, and the fowls lodge in the branches” – Bible

The story of VANK can be described by six stages of development: Seed → Taking Root → Bud → Luxuriant Branches → Luxuriant Leaves → Nesting Birds. (details available at

I want to create an idealisic world represented by seeds(individuals’ hopes), trees(the growth of those hopes and accomplishment), and a diverse forest(idealistic world where people have friends from another cultural zone, nationality, …). Since it will be difficult to make this project with real trees and forests, I will either find fake trees and forests(toys, legos, etc.) or make trees and forests with clay in a small scale. STEP 1


*it will be a great idea if i actually gets pictures of VANK members and put it into miniatures of people

–> Step 1 represents our members with mustard seeds(that symbolize hopes and wishes) that will later grow up to be big trees.

STEP 2: BIG TREE with buds and fruits


–> Step 2 represents VANK as a whole with individual dreams come together as big objectives and accomplishments.


*make sure trees symbolize diversity and multi-cultural understanding with diverse leaf colors, size, etc.

It will be great if each tree represents each culture that exists in the world. (but it may be  time-consuming work)

step 1, 2, 3



<– Left picture is the prototype of the forest I want to create.

* Professional visual artwork that provides motivation to my art project

REVERSED ART MAPThis world (wall) map is previously created by VANK with professional visual artists. As you look closer, you can notice the obvious difference between this map and a normal map. This map is reversed (Southern hemisphere is located at the top!)

This map motivates me since it is telling people to look the world in different ways. “A Multi-cultural understanding” is the theme I am going to express through my art work.

By naomiahn

Community Project Proposal-1

As a spring community project in Art Revolution class, I would like to work with VANK(Voluntary Agency of South Korea), a community that I have been involved since sixth grade.

# What is VANK?

VANK is a cyber dimplomatic organization and its members mainly work online via their personal blogs, VANK website, Friendly Korea Community(a part of VANK) Websie, facebook, youtube, etc. As representatives of Korea, members have their own special mission to create friends around the world and at the same time portray correct information, particularly distorted historical facts, about Korea. (More information about VANK available at

VANK logo# Key Community Person: Founder, Ki-Tae Park

Ki-Tae Park or VANK dan-jang-nim(how members call him in Korean) is the most important person in this community. In fact, without him VANK will not exist.

Park was not a smart student nor talented person when he was in high school. He ended up going a small community college while majoring in Japanese language and culture.

Ki-Tae ParkHe started VANK in 1999 when he exchanged an e-mail with a foreign friend for homework assignment in community college. Park was shocked his foreign fried knew very little about Korea and possessed incorrect information about Korea. (Though Korea is becoming one of powerful nations in global economy and international relations, Korea was not a well-known country at the end of 1990s.) He started to dream that if one Korean had five foreign friends and was able to teach them correct information about Korea, one day, six billion friends around the world would have a holisitc understanding of Korea. Thus Korea would be able to be a “friend” of the world, after creating close relationships with other countries.

The most important lesson from how he created VANK is that Park wasn’t a special man; he was not born into wealthy family; he was not a talented and smart student in his schools; he ended up going to community college but his dream let him inspire more than thousands of Korean students to change Korea and the world.

Park lecturing at Harvard UniversityI met him last summer at an off-line meeting. Park emphasized the importance of “mustard seeds.” Mustard seed is known as the smallest seed in the world. However, if the seed successfully grows up, it will become a large tree. Park said he found five important mustard seeds in his life; for instance, the first seed represents the old Japanese lady who motivated Park to create the website where people around the world can be friends of each other.

video about Ki-Tae Park

By naomiahn