What I learned from UC Berkeley Art Action

On last Thursday, my classmates and I went to UC Berkeley Sproul plaza for our first art action. Before we went to Sproul plaza, we planned our art project, specifically about outfits, the message we wanted to express, and the performance. First of all, we decided to wear masks for privacy; there would be a possibility that someone we know would recognize us during our art action. Then, we determined to wear all black outfits including shoes since wearing the same color of outfits would make our performance noticeable to other. Finally, we decided to do the followings: mirror the partner; if some people are walking near us, mirror (imitate) them. In my opinion, the message we wanted to convey was answering the question “who am I” through “self-reflection” mirrored by us.

Sproul Plaza: the place our art action was held

On that day of performance, I was little bit nervous and anxious. It seemed hard to interact with people I have not met before. In addition, our art action might not turn out to be the same thing we had planned; for example, what if people do not understand the purpose and the message we want them to know? Doesn’t this performance make some people angry and scared when they realize strangers with the masks and all black outfits imitating themselves? Moreover, there would be a possibility of rain.

Unfortunately, it rained on that day; additionally, there was a rally in Sproul Plaza. Despite of hard conditions, we tried to perform. My partner and I sat down on a bench and imitated each other for about ten to fifteen minutes. As soon as we felt comfortable to interact with others, we stood beside the trees and while mirroring each other, we searched for people. Then, it suddenly rained and we stopped at that moment.

The things that worked well were cooperation with a partner, creativity in terms of planning the action, and passion to express our action to a large number of audiences. On the other hand, the things that did not work well were not considering other factors, such as a rally and the weather. Though we did not completely perform our action, I defined our performance as a success since all of us were brave and creative.


By naomiahn