Pictures of Korea Youth International Assembly

By naomiahn

The Heartbeat of My Community

One of the most important communities I belong to is Korea Youth International Assembly, a community created by common interests and nationality.

Korea Youth International Assembly is a kind of model United Nations designated for high school students in Korea. In fact, KYIA is a mock international assembly run by students who work as Management Committee, Committee Secretariats, Chairs, and Delegates.

KYIA with chairs and delegates

Though it only lasts two days (plus one optional day for orientation) during summer and winter, our members meet at least once a week online (through facebook, messenger, etc) before actual conferences. In that way, we became one closly-bonded community with common interest of “international relations.”

# 1 Is there a specific location you identify as the center of your community?

As I mention above, the off-line conference is generally three days long; however, the online meetings are more oftenly-held that they actually bought our members together in community. Thus, the center of my community is online network <>, called “online cafe” (*this page is full of Korean language since members in my communities are all Koreans).A secretariat,giving tips about the conference

Through our online cafe, we contacted each person including committee members and delegates, and posted important guides or tips related to international assembly. Currently, there are 2,468 members in our online cafe (more than 40% of them are actively participating in online cafe). Even though online cafe is not a real physical place, it is the center of our community, which allows us to communicate with other members easily.

#2 What are the shared experiences and events of your community?

Recently, the 7th conference was held on August 9th to August 11th in Songdo Convensia (located in Incheon, South Korea).

Most of the participants including myself stayed at hotel next to Songdo Convensia. There were approximately 180 people engaged in the conference. I was deputy chair in the third committee(“Coordination for the Development of migration policy between each country”)

Briefly introducing my committee, there were 11 teams, each with three people, representing one of G20 countries, two deputy chairs(including myself) and one chair.

First day was optional day where we learned about international assembly and international organizations, such as United Nations, G20 Summit, etc.

Second day was the real start of the conference. We had opening speeches, two debate sessions, and one lobbying session. As soon as the official conference finished, we went back to the hotel. Then, we contacted each delegate in our commitee and prepared for final resolution. Most of our committee members worked on resolution untill 2 a.m.

Third day was the climax as well as the last day of the conference. We had one lobbying session and one session for completing the resolution. After lunch break, we had a general assembly where all committees gathered together and gave a presentation about their committees and final resolutions.

Though it was only three days-long, our committee came together as one closely-bounded community! We already had three reunions after the conference and hopefully, we will meet together next summer.

# 3 What common goals do you and the people in the community share?

Our common goal is to contribute and work in the field of international relation (in the future); some might want to be diplomats, workers in the international organization, such as United Nations, WHO, IMO, etc.

Through KYIA(Korea Youth International Assembly), we are having more experiences, which will encourage us to become “diplomats,” “UN employees,” and future leader for our society.

By naomiahn